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Oakland Side Walk Inspections,
Certifications and Repairs

Tincher Consulting

Oakland Sidewalk Inspection and Certification Services ensure the safety and aesthetics of your community. 

Our expert team conducts thorough sidewalk assessments to identify hazards, such as cracks, uneven surfaces, and tripping hazards. 

We provide timely certifications, guaranteeing compliance with local regulations and ADA standards. 

Our services not only ensure a smooth escrow closing and enhance pedestrian safety but also preserve property values and community appeal. 

Trust us for efficient, cost-effective inspections, and certification, contributing to a safer and more attractive Oakland. 

Contact us today to keep your sidewalks in top shape and your community thriving.

Detailed and Easy to read Quotes are available for City Mandated repairs

Includes the Inspection and City Filing Fees

Same day filing for certificates of compliance